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Choosing a career path is one of the toughest decisions students have to make. Look for programs with pathways and common platforms to take the pressure off so you have time to decide. Take one of our fun tests to help narrow down what program may be right for you.

entrepreneur test

The Entrepreneur Test

Entrepreneurship requires managing a wide variety of tasks and people. Take this quick test to see if you have what it takes to start and manage your own business.

suit test

Which Suit Fits You?

Of the core four business programs, accounting, marketing, business management and business administration. Find out which one might you be best suited for by taking this quick test.

fashion test

The Fashion, Spa or Cosmetics Test

Trying to decide between the fashion, spa and cosmetics programs? Find out which program you may best be suited for by taking this quick test.

degree test

The Degree Test

Choosing a degree program can be difficult, there are so many options making it hard to compare. This fun test can help you narrow down your starting point.